Please read listing completely before filling out the application for Elliott, which can be found here:


Please direct all questions via email to popuppaws@gmail.com.

Elliot was rescued with four other dogs from extreme neglect. Elliot came into our care matted and nervous. He has since been shaved, bathed, and cared for. He is scheduled to be neutered this Wednesday, 6/13, and will receive his rabies vaccination. Elliot has a very sweet and loving personality. He loves to be petted and sit by your side. He does show signs of having been abused, in that he is noticeably nervous when you first approach him. He does enjoy being pet and held, but will need patience in approaching him and making him more comfortable in your presence. Once you begin petting him, he relaxes quickly and stays close. In his time in foster care, he has made a lot of quick progress in becoming more comfortable. We fully believe that whoever adopts him will be extremely lucky, and he will learn to trust them very quickly. Elliot is young at only 2 years old. He is on the larger side for a yorkie, and is has a gorgeous and rare red/black coat. He has issues with housebreaking, and will need continued training. He does use wee-pads and goes outside during walks, but still pees frequently on floors as well, and will need a regimented schedule and training to break this habit. He is very eager to make friends, and has shown a lot of promise in his ability to be trained. Elliot has at times chased the cats he’s interacted with, so we feel he would do best in a home without cats. He is very attached to the dogs he was rescued with, however does fine without them, and would be best separated so that his adopter can focus on his training. He has not shown aggression toward other dogs he has met, and would do well in a home with another dog. His adoption fee is $500.

**Please consider making a donation to help us continue to rescue more homeless animals. The care for Elliott and the other dogs rescued from neglect and abuse with him has already been very high, and their medical bills will only continue to rise.